Welcome to the JCPS Elementary School Tennis League!

This league, partially funded through grants from USTA Southern, is open to all 3rd-5th graders.  Each school will host weekly tennis practices and matches beginning  in September.  The first 3 weeks of the season will be practice weeks and will be held at your school.  The second 3 weeks of the season will be tennis matches against another school, and can be home or away matches, depending on your school’s preference.  Elementary league teams must have between 6 and 12 players.  If you would like to have multiple teams per school, that is allowed.  Every student who is present for the match will have the opportunity to play – there is no sitting on the bench in tennis!  At the end of the season, a trophy will be awarded to the school with the most matches won. 


To participate in the league, each school will need a team manager.  Team managers will be responsible for collecting the team fee, scheduling practice space at school (must have an indoors option in case of rain), collecting registration and permission slips, arranging transportation to away matches, ensuring that at least 1 adult from the school is present at all tennis events, and sending the match scorecard in at the end of the match.  The Louisville 10 and Under Tennis Association, who is coordinating the league, will be responsible for providing equipment to the schools, providing a coach, providing a tournament director, providing a league schedule to team managers, registering all players for USTA 10 & Under membership (if applicable), and planning and running the end of season tournament and celebration.  

If you have any questions please contact Maddie Notoris at mnotoris@ustaky.com or by phone at (502) 491-1290.


Bloom Elementary- FULL

Chancey Elementary 

Hartstern Elementary 

Indian Trail Elementary-FULL

Luhr Elementary-FULL 

Norton Commons Elementary-FULL 

Price Elementary- FULL 

Rutherford Elementary-Registrations Available at School 

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