Red Ball Division

36’ court with red balls

Team Play

Players will be given stickers when “winning” their game. At the end of

the team play, each team counts up their stickers to determine the

winning team.

All games are SELF FEED

First 20 minutes:

Target Games: Hoppers & Hula Hoops. Each team takes turns hitting to a

designated target area. Each player drop hits two balls to the target area and

rotates to the end of the line. Target MUST be hit in the air to count. (This

eliminates balls dribbling or rebounding to hit the target). When the target is hit,

the player earns a sticker. Run a clock for 10 minutes and game ends when clock

ends. Change targets and run for another 10 minutes.

Next 30 minutes:

Rallying Games: up to 6 courts set up. Divide each team into two groups. Higher

level goes to the right and lower level to the left of the court. Rallying games with

self feed singles only.

o Each player serves 4 times and then rotates

o Play first one to 11 points and then rotate either round robin or up & down

river depending on numbers.

o Winner of each game gets a sticker

Wrap Up:

Last few minutes wrap up the day by counting stickers to determine the team


Focus on what skills were developed and give the kids a positive experience as

the exit

Match Cost: $12.00 per match Red Ball Division